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Dec 11, 2013

She’s Back!

I must admit I’m quite partial to a bit of the craziness that is the Kardashian family! They really are possibly the most beautiful family in the world and their style always leaves me drooling!

So it was no surprise to me that Kim was looking absolutely stunning in her comeback cover of US Weekly today.


After the horrible abuse she received about her pregnancy weight, I’m so glad that she didn’t feel pressured to go to extreme lengths to get back her famous curves! The comments that she received were incredibly vindictive and considering that she was heavily pregnant completely out of order. She gives all the credit to healthy eating through the Atkins diet, which reduces your carb intake and exercise.

I personally think she looks amazing, and applaud her healthy and womanly figure. 

Nicole x

That fur!
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That fur!

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Dec 11, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide - For Her!

The last few weeks for me have been hectic to say the least! With exam week in full swing, a visit from my parents and getting ready to move back to Ireland it hasn’t left a lot of time for updating my blog! Despite my lack of time, however like you I have been racking my brain trying to think of what to buy for friends and family for Christmas before I head home!

So in an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, I combined researching for this post with the search for the perfect gifts

Here are some of my favorite picks for the women in your life, be it your mum, sister or girlfriend or maybe even just a nice treat for yourself ;)


This is the fail safe gift for any girl! We all love to smell amazing but its not something that most women think to buy for themselves. I would recommend either buying a known favorite of theirs or opting for something light and flowery if your unsure.

My personal favorite is  Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf. I always get comments on how lovely this smells when I wear it and is a great perfume to carry with you into the summer months.


Statement Watch  

I guarantee that every women is lusting after a statement watch this festive season, unless they’re lucky enough to own one already! If your willing to splurge Michael Kors is the god of watches at the moment, his watches come in gold, silver and rose gold and are impossibly beautiful! As well as that Fossil watches have some gorgeous styles in their current collection and have a lot of leather options as opposed to the metal link style. If your looking for a more affordable take on this option River Island exceed themselves within the quality of their time-wear!

I personally am lusting after this gorgeous Michael Kors piece.



I normally wouldn’t recommend buying make-up for someone as a gift unless you know the products that they like to use. Most women are very particular about the brands and types of make-up that they use which is something you have to consider when purchasing a gift. However I make one exception…. Eye Palettes! These are the perfect gift for any woman of any age! Its something that we always say to ourselves that were going to buy but never do yet they can be a vital element of your make-up routine. I personally love the palettes that are available from Bobbi Brown at the moment, they’re filled with gorgeous rich, neutral tones which go great with a no fuss daytime look and can be easily vamped up for night.

As well as this Urban Decay’s Naked range is a cult favorite with their second version the most popular of the two.


Pamper Yourself

I always think that when you give a gift it should be something that the person never gives themselves, a little luxury that we can’t afford to have everyday. Luxurious creams and oils are things that we rarely think to get for ourselves but are life saviors for those days when you just need a little pampering in your life! I adore Jo Malone. From their candles, to their buttery creams and their ravishing scrubs its a brand that screams Luxury!

This adorable Christmas cracker set has all the essentials to add a little de-stressing time to any girls life.

Christmas Cracker Jo Malone 30£

Hopefully this helps you in your quest for the perfect presents this season, God knows Christmas shopping is stressful enough!

Until next time

Love, Nicole xx

Nov 21, 2013

The Ten Commandments of Hair

Every Christmas throughout the month of December my hair is tested to its limits. What with the parties, dinners and family gatherings its hard to give your hair the rest it deserves throughout the festive season.

I personally am very particular about my hair, as I see it as mine and every other girls biggest asset or at times annoyance! Because I have quite long hair I try to take as good care of it as possible. To me there is nothing more sexy than thick, shiny and voluminous hair. Over the years I researched every means possible to help keep my hair in good condition and  have finally accumulated what I consider to be the best ten tips to amazing hair.


1. Eat Healthy

This may sound obvious, but what you consume really does affect not only the condition of your hair but also your skin and nails. Its really important to try and include foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids, such as salmon and walnuts into your regular diet. These are great for boosting growth and the overall health and radiance of your hair.

2. Don’t Over Wash

Many girls think that the best thing to do in the shower is to rinse and repeat up to three times with a generous amount of lather. However this is actually stripping your hair of all those oils that give your hair its natural shine and gloss, and instead the hair becomes dry, frizzy and brittle. Its perfectly fine to only wash your hair once with shampoo using only about the size of 10c coin for shoulder length hair.

3. Vitamins

Vitamins targeted at hair growth are not a gimmick I promise! These supplements contain biotin, silica and sea buckthorn which not only encourage hair growth but also encourage the growth of hair follicles which will give you strong, shiny hair.

4. Wash regularly

I remember a couple of years ago there was a beauty craze where people claimed the less often you washed your hair the healthier it became. This.Is.Absolute.Nonsense. Actually leaving it too long in between washes can have the opposite effect on your hair. It leads to soiled follicles and also causes hair loss.  A good indicator of when your hair is due for a clean is by checking your roots. If they are a little greasy and flat then a wash is needed!

5. Limit the amount of products you use.

I’m the first to admit that for a night out I usually saturate my hair with mousse and  hairspray but its not a good idea to let this creep over into your daily routine. With the amount of products on the shelves these days promising miracles its easy to fall into the trap of loading your hair full of serums etc. However fundamentally these prevent your hair from breathing, and like us without oxygen our hair becomes quite lifeless. Its okay to save these for special occasions but even then try to use as sparingly as possible.

6. Give it break

Some days I literally have to pry the straightener from my hand, but just like us our hair deserves a day off every now and then. Heat damage can cause a lot of breakage within our hair so its important that we try and give our hair a break when we can. At least once a week let your hair air dry with some repairing products applied.

7. Keep Calm and Have Great Hair

Stress as silly as it may seem has a huge affect on our hair growth. Stress can lead to an increase in hair loss and even in extreme cases balding. So maybe consider joining a local yoga class or incorporate some de-stressing time into your weekly schedule if this is something that you can be accustomed to.

8. Rinse with bottled water

I recently read about this tip in an interview with Victoria Secrets leading hair stylist. Apparently this method is religiously used by models and hair specialists around the world. Rinsing your hair with bottled water can completely change your hair’s appearance within a matter of days. It washes away any of the metals found in ordinary tap water and can reduce hair loss and make your hair more manageable.

9. Au Natural

As with most goods that we buy today, we are completely unaware of the massive amounts of harsh chemicals used what we consume. This is also the case with a lot of hair products on the market today. Making a conscious effort to buy products that are made with natural ingredients will instantly increase the appearance of your hair.

10. Caution! Wet Hair

Last but certainly not least is a warning about how to handle your hair when wet. Many people brush there hair whilst wet or within the shower itself… if you take one thing away from my tips let it be this: STOP! when your hair is wet it is probably in it’s most vulnerable state possible, being so fragile that it should not be brushed AT ALL! You can cause so much damage that your hair will literally be powerless to any form of heat styling or pollution. Brush your hair before you enter the shower and let your hair either partially air dry or give it a quick blast of a dryer before putting a brush to your hair after.

Strong and luxurious hair is something that every girl desires and it really isn’t something that any girl should have to go without. Its just about learning to give your hair the attention it needs and deserves. Unfortunately the hair you have is the hair your stuck with, so why not make it the best it can be?

These steps will hopefully help to give you something great to work with this Christmas. Trust me great hair makes an ordinary day extraordinary :)

Nicole x

Nov 17, 2013 / 1 note

Hats Off!

One staple of a enviable winter wardrobe are hats, and over the last few years we’ve seen more than just the woolly essentials within the shops. Dressy options such as fedoras and bowler hats have made a huge comeback again this season with every shop sporting their own versions.

I personally adore them, they give any winter outfit an instant style update and have to potential to dress up any look. However I haven’t noticed many women daring to try this trend. Whether its the difficulty of knowing how to wear this look or simply not knowing what high street options are available, I’m here to help!

Fedoras are a great option for some winter style! I personally love them styled with a great blazer or coat over some skinny jeans and a good pair of boots!



These black fedoras are available from (12.99) and River Island (29.00).

Bowler hats add subtle edge to any look and go great with a cute dress matched with a leather or patterned jacket!



This style can be found on in a range of colors (12.99).

Shaker hats are not for the faint hearted but are an amazing way to add a little drama to your wardrobe! Similar in style to a fedora, it has a much wider brim for extra wow factor!


This hat as seen on Nicole Scherzinger, is from River Island and as well as that amazing red, is available in tan and black for 33.00 euro.

A statement hat is one item that I think should be in every woman’s wardrobe! Add some drama and style to your winter wardrobe, go on I dare you! :) 

Until next time, 

Nicole x

Nov 12, 2013

The tackier the better!

Now that were well and truly into the month of November its time to start thinking about the most important night of December. No, not the dreaded work party, or even the main event itself, that’s right 12 pubs!

12 pubs has become a legend within the Irish festive season and along with drinking yourself silly, the drinking attire is one of the best parts! Every year the search for the gaudiest and tackiest jumper is rife and if you want to avoid being disappointed than now is the time to start looking. Trust me by this time next month you’ll have better luck finding a golden ticket than one of these bad boys! So to save you a bit of hassle I’ve picked out some of my favorite options available this season.

awear 30 euro101000032020_01 (1)

Awear has some great styles online and in store, like this one which is 30 euro.

missguided 16.99

For a more affordable take this cute knit from is only £16.99. 59.99

This cute jumper is from a great Irish website, although their product is a little more expensive than whats on the high street they have a great range and some hilarious options!

I personally am more excited about finding the perfect outfit for twelve pubs than I am for Christmas itself! Bring on the festivities!

Until next time,

Nicole x

Nov 10, 2013

Jump on it

Without sounding like a overdone Game of Thrones meme, Winter is coming. Well actually to be honest its already here! As I’m currently on a semester abroad in Germany, not only is winter here but so are the daily drops in temperature! It’s the first week in November and I’m already wrapping up in my winter necessities!

Thankfully it is not common for Germans to dress up for a night out, seriously jeans and converse are the standard nightclub attire! Which at first was impossible for my Irish mentality to grab a hold of, but with this weather is definitely a blessing! However I’m very aware of the fact that when I return this will not be an option.

Recently I’ve noticed how popular jumpsuits have become within the high street, and how many great options there are! Jumpsuits are great for a day to night transition or for those nights when fake tan and freezing your bum off just isn’t worth it! Usually I’m quite wary of jumpsuits because of my height, god blessed me with long legs but also an equally long torso, and I rarely find a jumpsuit that isn’t giving me an uncomfortable wedgie or worse the dreaded CT…eww!

However lots of the styles this season are just too gorgeous to not try and hey if they don’t fit me, I’m sure they’ll look great on you! :) One of my newest obsessions, have some  amazing takes on this trend and they’re affordability means they will  have you coming back for more, often, trust me!



One thing that I love about jumpsuits is their flexibility. They are far easier to work into your daytime wardrobe than an evening dress. Just add a blazer or chunky knit jumper with a pair of brogues and your good to go!

Until next time,

Nicole x